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Enjoy Fresh Meals

Reheat your meals in the microwave for around 3-4 minutes (or until piping hot) and enjoy!

Customer Favourites

Chicken & halloumi served with mediterranean rice.

Served with mediterranean rice and a serving of seasoned broccoli.

Healthy salt & pepper chicken served with basmati rice.

Served with basmati rice and a side of seasoned broccoli florets.

Korean Chicken stir fry with Toasted Cashew nuts served with Basmati rice.

Korean Chicken stir fry with Toasted Cashew nuts served with Basmati rice.

Cajun Tuna steak (couscous)

Served with roasted red pepper and feta cheese couscous.

Cajun Chicken Pasta

Cajun sauce with spinach and peppers.

Firecracker chicken stir fry served with Chinese egg noodles.

Chicken breast, firecracker sauce, sliced peppers, mangetout & carrots stir fried and topped with sesame seeds.

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    What our customers say

    Loved every meal I was given by Enzo Nutrition, everything fitted into my macros and I will definitely keep going back for more. Easy on the stomach as well as the diet.

    Nathan Jacks

    Superb food, hand delivered and of the highest quality. You’d be hard pushed to find better.

    Adam Martin

    Used a couple other meal preps gets very boring eating the same old healthy but plain flavourless food. These are healthy and taste amazing If I went to a restaurant and got served food like this I’d be happy.

    Ritchie Manifold

    Oh my word…where do I start? I had the pleasure of enjoying a fresh, tasty and healthy meal from Enzo Nutrition which consisted of stuffed pork, broccoli mash and sweet chilli…who’d have thought of putting sweet chilli with a meal like this? Pleased to say it was a big hit! Definitely recommend.

    Natasha Mckenzie

    I have tried meal plans from different people and they have all been a bit bland so ordered a couple from here just to try and OMG they are amazing, so tasty and filling too. I find myself looking forward to my tea, can’t wait to order more.


    Amazing healthy well-balanced meals, perfect for a busy lifestyle when you don’t have the time to meal prep. These fuel me well for my very active lifestyle – parenting, running my own business, weight training and mixed martial arts training. Great combining the meals with the juices too for that perfect diet bursting with great macro and micronutrients.

    Dom Davidson

    Needed help with my meal prep as was struggling to find the time with busy week after a busy week. The guys at Enzo Nutrition were happy to help and gave me good advice with regards to my meal choices too. The variety of meals is second to none compared to what I’ve tried previously and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Great tasting food from a local up-and-coming business. Thanks guys!

    Phil Murray

    I started ordering from Enzo Nutrition as I’d put a bit of weight on and wanted to try and improve my diet. I’m not very good at making my own food but with Enzo Nutrition I don’t have to worry about that as it’s all weighed, cooked and delivered to your door. It’s also delicious and I’m looking and feeling better because I know I’m eating good, quality food.


    I work nights and meal prep is the best way for me to make sure I’m eating proper food. Tried one or two other companies before Enzo Nutrition but their menu is second to none. Been ordering about six months now and haven’t had a bad meal yet.

    Chris W

    I had heard many good things about the food of Enzo Nutrition so decided to see what it was all about. Well where do I start..The protein pancakes were incredible, I’m going to have to try the other flavours. The amount you get is more than value for money. Choosing my lunch was hard..so many choices. Finally went for the chicken wrapped in Parma ham with pesto pasta, the flavours were amazing.
    If anyone is debating whether they should try, do it. If you don’t you are definitely missing out. Once you’ve been you’ll be back to try more

    Jenny A

    This sounds very ‘cliche’ but that being said, i have tried quite a lot of meal prep companies from locally to nationwide, and Enzo Nutrition comes out on top EVERY time!
    Not only is the menu HUGE, each and every meal is tasty and fresh.

    Mark B